Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bonus Kilroy: "Skip It, Kid"

As promised today on the Ace Kilroy Facebook page, here is a piece of Bonus Kilroy art from the upcoming Free Comic Book Day all-new Ace adventure, May 5, 2012!

We started the day with 43 backers to our Kickstarter fundraising page, and I said that if we hit 45 backers I would post a piece of unseen art by Dan. Well, we did hit 45 backers, so here you go! As you'll see this Saturday, this sketch could be considered an "outtake."

We still have 13 days left in our campaign, so there's still lots of time to pledge and show your support for Ace Kilroy! JOIN THE FIGHT!


  1. funny, but makes me think... maybe ace needs a gay character written in? Why not? He could be at forefront for the community. My dad used to say to me that he always felt bad for his gay friends, (yes we even existed and were "out" back in the 40's and 50's!)that they never had a comic book character to look to. He loved his comics, love the machismo, but felt they excluded his friends. Oh, yeah, i'm still shocked when I think of my dad saying this to his gay son! He was the best!

  2. Give us time! We have a whole ton of new characters that we want to bring into the fold.