Friday, January 20, 2012

Original Ace Kilroy Commissions by Dan O'Connor

Now is a good a time as any to mention that my co-creator and partner-in-crime Dan O'Connor is available for Ace Kilroy-centric commissions. I've been thrilled to show off Dan's amazing work every day in the strip and here on the blog, and I know many of you are as impressed as I am.

Here are the basic rates for an original Ace Kilroy commission by Dan:

One character pencil sketch--$25.00 ppd
One character pencil and ink sketch--$50.00
Two characters pencil sketch--$75.00
Two characters pencil and ink sketch--$100.00 ppd.

SPECIAL BONUS: Anyone who hires Dan to produce an Ace Kilroy original is automatically made a member of Ace's Allies, with all the benefits that entails!

If you're interested in commissioning Dan, you can email him directly here. And tell 'em Ace sent you!

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