Wednesday, September 14, 2011

News Reports

"I really like Ace Kilroy. It truly takes me back to some of the Sunday comics I used to read when I went to my grandparents' house. The illustration style, the presentation, the retro charm - I liked the hell out of it."
--Erika Peterman, Girls Gone Geek

"Just when I thought there wasn't any comics for me to read, 'Ace Kilroy' shows up! Rob Kelly and Dan O'Connor have created something that we all want most from our comics; fun!

By going back to the golden age of comic and movie serial adventure, they are not creating a pastiche, but a new hero, with classic sensibilities interpreted for an age sorely in need of him. If you like Indiana Jones and high adventure, crisp illustration and inspired storytelling, 'Ace Kilroy' is a must. Kilroy is here!!!!"

--Jay Piscopo, "The Undersea Adventures of Capt'N Eli"

"'Ace Kilroy' is a good old fashioned adventure strip- that may not seem like much of a compliment in this day and age, but for old fogies like me it's a breath of fresh air--Dan and Rob have done a lovely job of evoking the kind of comic strip I used to read in the newspapers as a kid--you know,back when kids read the know...'newspapers'?

Anyway, I was quite enjoying the style of the story when it added a classic horror twist that made me even more excited to see what happens next (if you're at all familiar with the books I've been doing in the last seven years than you'll understand why).

All in all, Rob and Dan are doing a wonderful job with Ace and the fun they seem to be having with it is infectious. I hope they get to share even more adventures with us."

"I've been aching for an adventure daily like 'Ace Kilroy' since Indiana Jones found the grail. And what a score, landing Clark Gable in the lead role!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Join Ace's Allies!

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