Thursday, October 27, 2011

Early Praise for Ace Kilroy

"ACE KILROY is smart, evocative fun that hits the right spot! Full of fast-paced action and wistful nostalgia, this online daily serial -- courtesy of Rob Kelly and Dan O'Connor -- is intelligent, fresh comic-making in its own right. Think Alex Raymond's SECRET AGENT X-9 meets Dashiell Hammett's SAM SPADE meets Lucas/Spielberg's INDIANA JONES. Toss in Bram Stoker's bloodsucking vampire DRACULA and a dash of Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD for good measure, and you'll have an idea of what ACE KILROY has to offer. C'mon. With a mix like THAT, how could they possibly go wrong?

(Oh, and did we mention Nazis feature in it, too?)."
The Terror Trap

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