Saturday, October 8, 2011

Early Praise for Ace Kilroy

"What a great idea! A daily online comic strip (with a Sunday color installment!), 'Ace Kilroy' is about a hard-boiled special agent who battles the supernatural in a noir landscape of the 30s and 40s. Think of the daily adventure strips that we used to cut out of the newspapers and paste into scrapbooks when we were kids… now put in your favorite monsters!

It’s not just the novelty of the daily strip that makes 'Ace Kilroy' special; Dan O’Connor’s artwork is fluid and pleasing, always setting the right tone while Rob Kelly’s story moves briskly in unexpected ways. The two obviously share a great deal of knowledge and love for the genres in which they’re working!

If this one were being printed in the papers back when I was a kid, I would definitely have a scrapbook filled with yellowed clippings of Ace Kilroy’s exploits. This could be the ultimate adventure serial for the Monster Lover."

--Mike Howlett, author of "The Weird World of Eerie Publications"

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