Monday, July 9, 2012

Send Ace Overseas!

Hey Ace Kilroy fans! Here's your chance to pick up an EXCLUSIVE PIECE of AK merch while also supporting our troops serving in Afghanistan!

A mutual friend of Dan and mine, Terry Mahoney, is a veteran. A little while ago we mentioned we were working on Ace Kilroy magnets, and he told us that he would be interested in buying several hundred of them, to send overseas to his friends serving in Afghanistan, since fridge magnets are desperately needed there. Really--fridge magnets? Yes, fridge magnets! We'll let Terry explain:

"Much like Ace Kilroy's government service after the Great War, most of my Marine friends in the Afghan war zone are engaged in secret activities. When I deployed to the theater in Desert Shield/Storm we were given specific instructions. If we were asked by a reporter (or anyone, really) what our unit's mission was, we were to reply with 'Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver.'

These Marines do what they do both in the field, and in secure
facilities. In the field, I would guess they either have what they need, or an online fundraiser won't plug the gap. However, there are no Staples or Office Depots in Afghanistan, and so there are a few gaps in the secure facilities.

When I heard one of my oldest Marine friends was redeploying, I asked
him what I could get him. He, of course, demurred several times. When pressed, he asked me for fridge magnets. Apparently, in these secure facilities, they need to put up a bunch of papers on the walls (metal walls) but all they have is duct tape. Voila, a new raison d'etre presents itself.

I think this is a mission that Ace's Allies can accomplish with
relative ease. The volume of magnets required for these special units is not great, but the need is acute.

Semper Fi,


So here's your chance to help the troops by providing them the magnets they need. By clicking the Paypal button below, for the low low cost of
$1.00 each, you can order an Ace Kilroy magnet (2.5" in diameter) and it will be sent to a base in Afghanistan.

BONUS! If you order FIVE magnets for the troops, for a total of $5.00, YOU will be sent a sixth magnet ABSOLUTELY FREE!

This magnet was made exclusively for this effort and they will NOT be made available at any other time! So if you're an Ace Kilroy fan (and who isn't?) this is your only chance to get this item--and you'll be helping our men and women in uniform in the process!

This offer ends MONDAY, JULY 30th! So what are you waiting for?


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