Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bonus Kilroy: Into The Woods

Occasionally, Dan will send me a bonus piece of artwork related to a particular panel from the strip. Sometimes, he goes all out and sends me what I consider to be a piece of artwork so good, so complete, that I curse that so little of it will be seen in the final strip.

This is one of those pieces, a shot of Ace and Dracula in the woods, so fully realized that I thought it deserved to be highlighted here on the blog. Click the image to see a bigger version, and marvel at it like I did!


  1. Awesome awesome piece of artwork! This will just have to go in the collected edition as a full page where it should be in the story. I think something like that would be amazing.

    Always awed by Dan's work.

  2. I can see running the strips as is, with the occasional full page of pieces like this.